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Will arrived in Cairns in 2011, from PNG. He's been working as a skipper for 8 years and speaks 3 different languages. His favourite part of the job is going to the Great Barrier Reef everyday and meeting people from all over the world.


Cruise Attendant

Lydia Schuller one of our cruise attendants was born in Germany and moved to Australia in 2013. She's been working on Reef Magic Cruises for 18 months, speaks German and English. Her favourite part of the Job is being on the ocean everyday and seeing all the marine life, getting to show the passengers the Reef and hopefully to bring their attention to protecting it for future generations. When it comes to whale watching, she says `` I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to humpbacks and it's an absolute pleasure``. This is Lydia's 2nd year working on the Whale watching tour.


Marine Biologist

Cale has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science, he advises the more he learnt about the marine world, the more he realised that we need to conserve it, so he went back to uni to complete a Master’s Degree in Tropical Ecology and Conservation Biology. Cale moved to Madagascar and spent the next three years working on a marine biodiversity and conservation project there, before heading back home to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef to become a key member of Reef Magic Cruises & Whale Watching Tours Cairns.

Cale's favourite marine animal is the nudibranch, a colourful marine gastropod. Not only do they come in a dazzling array of bright and contrasting colours, but they adopt the defences of the animals they eat, from the stinging cells of jellyfish to the toxins of sponges. They then integrate these defences into their own bodies to increase their own defences.

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